Jared Warren

I'm a philosopher with wide-ranging interests. My PhD was awarded by NYU in late September of 2015. So far, much of my research has been aimed at developing comprehensive and scientifically-plausible theories of thinking, existence, meaning, mathematics, and logic.  Here is a recent CV.

I'm currently finishing final revisions on a book (Shadows of Syntax) that develops a combined conventionalist theory of logic and mathematics on the basis of an inferentialist theory of meaning.

Please feel free to e-mail me at Jared1879@gmail.com with any comments or questions.

Published Papers

     (1)   "The Possibility of Truth by Convention" (2015) Philosophical Quarterly 65 (258): 84-93.
"Quantifier Variance and the Collapse Argument" (2015) Philosophical Quarterly 65 (259): 241-253.

     (3)   "Conventionalism, Consistency, and Consistency Sentences" (2015) Synthese 192 (5): 1351-1371.
"Talking with Tonkers" (2015) Philosophers' Imprint 15 (24): 1-24.

     (5)   "Trapping the Metasemantic Metaphilosophical Deflationist?" (2016) Metaphilosophy 47 (1): 108-121.
"Sider on the Epistemology of Structure"(2016) Philosophical Studies 173 (9): 2417-2435.
"Epistemology versus Non-causal Realism" (2017) Synthese 194 (5): 1643-1662.
"​Revisiting Quine on Truth by Convention" (2017) Journal of Philosophical Logic 46 (2): 119-139.

     (9)   "Internal and External Questions Revisited" (2016) Journal of Philosophy 113 (4): 177-209.
"Change of Logic, Change of Meaning" (forthcoming) Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.
"Quantifier Variance and Indefinite Extensibility" (2017) Philosophical Review 126 (1): 81-122.
   (12)   (with
Daniel Waxman) "A Metasemantic Challenge for Mathematical Determinacy" (forthcoming)   
   (13)   (with
Eli Hirsch) "Quantifier Variance and the Demand for a Semantics" (forthcoming) ​
             Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.

Papers are listed chronologically in order of acceptance. I also have a number of finished but currently unpublished papers, including papers on Kripkenstein, Open-Endedness, Inference,the Omega Rule, and Supertasks (jointly with
Daniel Waxman).

At present, when not putting the final touches on my book, I'm working on a paper about zombies and neural decoding (jointly with Rosa Cao).