Jared Warren

I'm a philosopher with wide-ranging interests. My PhD was awarded by NYU in late September of 2015. So far, much of my research has been aimed at developing comprehensive and scientifically plausible theories of thinking, existence, meaning, mathematics, and logic. 

I recently finished a book (SHADOWS OF SYNTAX) developing a combined conventionalist theory of logic and mathematics on the basis of an inferentialist theory of meaning. The book is currently under review.

Please feel free to e-mail me at Jared1879@gmail.com with any comments or questions.

Published Papers

     (1)   "The Possibility of Truth by Convention" (2015) Philosophical Quarterly 65 (258): 84-93.
"Quantifier Variance and the Collapse Argument" (2015) Philosophical Quarterly 65 (259): 241-253.

     (3)   "Conventionalism, Consistency, and Consistency Sentences" (2015) Synthese 192 (5): 1351-1371.
"Talking with Tonkers" (2015) Philosophers' Imprint 15 (24): 1-24.

     (5)   "Trapping the Metasemantic Metaphilosophical Deflationist?" (2016) Metaphilosophy 47 (1): 108-121.
"Sider on the Epistemology of Structure"(2016) Philosophical Studies 173 (9): 2417-2435.
"Epistemology versus Non-causal Realism" (2017) Synthese 194 (5): 1643-1662.
"​Revisiting Quine on Truth by Convention" (2017) Journal of Philosophical Logic 46 (2): 119-139.

     (9)   "Internal and External Questions Revisited" (2016) Journal of Philosophy 113 (4): 177-209.
"Change of Logic, Change of Meaning" (forthcoming) Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.
"Quantifier Variance and Indefinite Extensibility" (2017) Philosophical Review 126 (1): 81-122.
   (12)   (with
Daniel Waxman) "A Metasemantic Challenge for Mathematical Determinacy" (forthcoming)   
   (13)   (with
Eli Hirsch) "Quantifier Variance and the Demand for a Semantics" (forthcoming) ​
             Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.

   (14)   "Killing Kripkenstein's Monster" (forthcoming) Noûs.

Papers are listed chronologically in order of acceptance. I also have a number of finished but currently unpublished papers, including papers on Open-Endedness, Inference,the Omega Rule, and Supertasks (jointly with 
Daniel Waxman).

(Details on current and ongoing projects will be added here soon.)